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Student submission - option to see each others videos

When a teacher creates a student submission in for example Moodle, it would be nice with an option to make it possible for students to see each others videon uploaded to the folder.

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    Not exactly the same, but you can create Assignment folders as a special subfolder, and allow students to see one another's videos in there:

    I don't know if this goes to a Moodle gradebook however. We're a Blackboard school, and this doesn't go to the gradebook in BB, but using the student submission option does.


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    edited March 2022

    Hi Kevin, Thank you for your great tip! This helps a lot for us, much easier than our current procedure.

    It seems like there is a difference between Assignment folder and student submission. So if I understand it correct, student submission goes to the grade book and students can not see each others videos. But assignment folder is more flexible and does not link to the moodle grade book.... Anyway this option is much easier to work with than how we have done it earlier :)

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    That's how it works for me as well. In Blackboard, an instructor could manually create a grade book column if they wanted to use the Assignment folder but still have a grade for a video. Not sure if Moodle allows you to do that.


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