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Audio Latency using Blackmagic ATEM Mini Pro ISO

Hi all! Long time Panopto...er? First time poster!

I've been looking into fancy'fying our Replay set ups for a while, and one way I'm particualr keen on is using an Atem Mini Pro ISO,

as this allows us to capture various high quality video/ audio feeds and consolidate them into one stream. Essential it's just an input switcher, and on the computer you can select it as both the audio and video inputs. However this is where it comes unstuck. When recording a simple video using OBS everything stays in sync, however when using Panopto there is an obvious latency between the sources. The computer I'm using isn't particulary under powered, so I can't fathom what's causing it to perform thus? Would there perhaps be an 'audio offset' button I'm missing to compensate for any folly during capture? At a bit of a loss!


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    @Michael Espey well that was a short journey. It turns out for whatever reason, using a bluetooth speaker with my laptop introduces latency in the audio, but only in Panopto. A curious idiosyncrasy!

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    Michael EspeyMichael Espey Superstar
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    That is indeed a strange one! I would definitely get in contact with Panopto support if you haven't already. They've been a great resource in tracking down issues like this in the past.

    If you haven't tried it yet, I would maybe try recording with Panopto Capture (https://www.panopto.com/record/) vs. the desktop app. That should shed some light on if it is something specific to the desktop app or if it is something more general. If that Panopto Capture test stays in sync, try uploading that file to Panopto to see if the wheels are falling off in processing or if it is something before that.

    Hopefully this helps!


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    The Blackmagic lines have given me issues in the past, so much so that I don't really use the brand personally (not just alongside Panopto). A lot of the problems I had were due to heat and/or general stability (even in a rack with way too much ventilation), but I also had issues with audio every once in a while when streaming through Wirecast.

    I will say that Panopto is specifically sensitive to inconsistencies in the audio stream, so that would probably be my first guess. Panopto support should be able to tell you why it is coming up. If you are using the OBS virtual webcam thing to pass the stream to the Panopto desktop app, I would try to avoid that if possible. We had major issues with that combo a few years ago.

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    Thanks so much for getting back so fast, @Michael Espey ! Really appreciate it :)

    And no, not using virtual cam - just running straight into Panopto! I just used OBS to record and test whether the audio coming in was actually out of sync and it doesn't seem to be, which is what makes me think it's something going on on the Panopto side of things.. I'll have a play with settings etc but it is indeed most frustrating!


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    @Adam Weikert I'm going to be tucking that one away in my toolbelt of things to try, I don't think I would've ever considered that!

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