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See all streams on remote recorder page


At the moment we have two streams on our remote recorders; a camera and a screen but from the list view you can only ever see the one which makes monitoring the 53 recorders effectively difficult. We have to click each recorder to check the second stream.

Would it be possible to choose to show multiple streams on the page or to have a page to help monitor our remote recorders?



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    Jeremy SmithJeremy Smith Crackerjack

    Yes, please!

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    Harvard made a similar request a few months ago. We want a "Monitoring" view that shows all streams for a reasonable number of recorders being refreshed at 2 second intervals, as opposed to the 10 second refresh in the grid view. The monitoring view should also have a quick link to listen to the live audio for supported recorders.

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    Jeremy SmithJeremy Smith Crackerjack

    Our previous course recording vendor (rhymes with Pedialyte) does it really well. It lets you pull up as many recorders as your PC can handle and you see both streams in near real-time FPS as well as meters for the audio and you can toggle the audio to listen in as well. It also has some basic recorder controls available as well. That superb monitoring page is the only thing I miss about them, though.

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    Would love a remote recorder dashboard / production video wall on the platform.

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