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Creating Accounts for Everyone via LTI

I'm wondering when user accounts actually get created in Panopto with our LTI integration in Brightspace. We do not currently auto-provision courses. Instructors add the LTI link to their course and click the link to create a course folder (and assignment folder). Does this instructor clicking the link also create the student accounts? Or does the student need to first log into the course?

One issue we see sometimes is a student encountering a "Request Access" permission error. This is happening on videos that are shared to "anyone at the organization." I wonder if they are getting this message because they don't have an account yet. Or if other factors might cause this same message. Note that our students use a slightly different email domain from our faculty - could that make a difference? Do I need to enter these under Security - Email Domains?

And I am also wondering if I were to add the LTI link to a course everyone has access to, would that automatically create everyone's account now and in the future as new students and instructors are added to the class?

That's probably too many questions. Thanks for any answers, Alan


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    KathrynKathryn Administrator
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    Hi Alan,

    Lots of good questions!

    1. Each person's account is created the first time they log into Panopto through D2L. This can be done by accessing the Panopto LTI course tool or by clicking on a video that has been embedded using the Insert Stuff Panopto tool. An instructor accessing Panopto does not create student accounts.
    2. Yes, a student might see a "request access" message if they open a link to a video, but do not yet have a Panopto account or are not logged in. One way to hopefully prevent this is to embed the videos into course content using the Panopto Insert Stuff tool. Sometimes other login issues can cause this message to appear too, but making sure the student has an account is a good place to start.
    3. The different email domain shouldn't cause an issue when accessing Panopto from D2L, but it is recommended to add all your email domains to the "Security-Email Domains" setting. This makes sure that your users can find your Panopto library from https://login.panopto.com/ by entering their email address.
    4. Adding the LTI link to all courses would not pre-create everyone's account. The account creation would still happen the first time they access the LTI tool or an embedded video. However, you can use these instructions to batch create accounts in advance if you would like to.

    Hope this helps!


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    Hi Kathryn

    We're transitioning to D2L from Blackboard and in doing some research, a colleague of mine came across this forum post today.

    I'm curious about your point #2 above and the statement "Sometimes other login issues can cause this message to appear too...".

    What types of login issues are you referring too? Would this be third party cookies on the student's browser end or something else? I've heard a couple of these messages popping up here, and I've been sending our folks the Panopto doc on enabling third party cookies in a browser. I just want to make sure there's not anything else I'm missing.


    Kevin Hartman, University at Buffalo

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