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Add "content" points in secondary videos

I have a video, that is a session of 18 separate videos - and due to the length I would like to add 'content' point for the viewer to jump to desired parts of the video.

The editor doesn't allow adding 'content' points after the primary video in the session. I tried adding 'content' points in the individual videos of the session, but that resulted in the session not working properly (only the primary video was shown when trying to view the session - despite all the other parts still being there, as can be seen when editing the session).

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This feature is already available, but may require you to edit the video in a specific way as noted.


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    Adding 'content' points in the individual videos DOES work.

    It appears the problem was that the editor made a small error, for reasons I don't understand.

    The situation was this:

    I had cut away the last 8 seconds of the primary video, but after adding a 'content' point in the primary video, the editor no longer interpreted the end point of the cut as the end of the primary video, but as the end of the entire sequence of videos (which explains why I could only see the primary video when viewing). After manually setting the end of the cut to the end of the primary video, whole thing appears to work beautifully.

    In conclusion. This is no longer a feature request, so much as a bug report.

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