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Search Personal Folder via API

Panopto Public API has a search folder function, takes the name of the folder as searchQuery.

E.g. {{baseUrl}}/api/v1/folders/search?searchQuery=aben108&sortField=Relevance&sortOrder=Asc&pageNumber=0&IncludePersonalFolders=true

However, this function does not search into Users folder aka personal folder.

From exploring the requests Panopto UI make, there is this one, which search into personal folders. However these additional querystring parameters does not translate into Panopto Public API.


I would like to achieve the same thing using Panopto API.

Thank you.


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    I have figured out a solution to this problem.

    In SOAP API, under SessionManagement endpoint, there is a method called GetPersonalFolderForUser, this takes in a Panopto User ID, and returns the personal folder of that user. There is also a parameter to create the personal folder if one does not exist.

    In my case, I do not know the Panopto User ID to start with, so I have to make another Panopto API to resolve the username into Panopto User ID.

    This is done using Panopto Public REST API, Search Users method. Put the username as the searchQuery. But be aware this is a search, not a "Get", so you will have to verify the results yourself, especially if the username you search could be a part of the text of other usernames, for example, if you search cli09, you will not only get back the user with username cli09, but also user with username like cli091.

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