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Ability to configure preferred devices for remote recorders via templates

edited May 2022 in Feature Requests

Hi all - new to Panopto but slowly learning! I was looking around the admin interface for the remote recorders and noticed that you can create templates, but they are limited to the device that you create them on. It'd be a really nice feature if you could configure templates to apply device configurations to recorders.

For example, I know that external laptops have a built in HP Webcam and microphone - I could then specify that these recorders will use devices with names like the following:

HP Webcam

Built-in Microphone

Conversely, I could create another template for our office PCs that does the following:

Ignore any devices with names like the following:

VMware Virtual Webcam

VMware Virtual Microphone Array

Use devices like the following:

Logitech C920 Webcam

Front microphone jack

This would allow us to onboard users and automatically configure what we want to capture from their systems. As it stands, we do NOT want to capture any video; we're purely using Panopto as an audio recorder (for now, don't ask me why) - so such a feature would greatly reduce the workload of onboarding a large number of clients.

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