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Personal feedback: Show only to specific person

When personal feedback is given to a person in an LMS (Brightspace) assignment and a Panopto video is used, the video then becomes available to see for all who are enrolled in the course in the LTI tool.

The feature wanted is that when a video is posted in at personal feedback context, the permissions are automatically set only the person getting feedback is allowed to see it, while keeping it hidden from the rest of the course.

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    How does the instructor give the feedback? In other words, how do they record the video response? There isn't some mechanism to do so within Panopto is there? Is that happening within Brightspace which allows the instructor to record a response?

    I've requested the ability to do in-video responses within Panopto which would be time-stamped.

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    Hi Chaz

    By going to the feedback for a person in assignment you can choose Insert Stuff

    Select Panopto

    And either select an existing video in the course, upload something from your computer or record something on the spot.

    It does require some setup from the super admin of Brightspace, but no matter which of the three options you select the video will be for all to see in the content menu if the Panopto menu is inserted:

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    Interesting. I love the idea. I think Panopto would need to identify the owner/creator of the original video and then share the response video with only them.

    Certainly possible if Panopto can find the time to do so.

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    Maybe someone from Panopto can chime in here with some more information but my memory is that Panopto intends to implement a discussions feature that uses Panopto Capturein context to allow folks to reply with a video inside of a video.

    For a solution right now, we have some situations where we have folders under a course folder that no longer have the automatic [Course]::Viewers group, instead, the instructor uses the integration between Canvas and Panopto to share things JiT.

    As an example, a specific section or group in Canvas is given access to a page or a set of pages. One or more of those pages have a Panopto LTI Embed in place and the group(s) created automatically for that embed are used to give access to a folder of content from their specific TA or for that specific week. Because the only group with Viewer access to that folder is the group that is generated for the embed, individuals never get access to those folders of content until they actually access that specific page. It can be a lot to set up, but the way we have our sites configured instructors are able to set it all up on their own and it seems to work well for those that need something like that.

    A workflow like this isn't perfect for what you describe as you would need to manage permissions 1:1, but it should work if you just remove the ::Viewers group from your subfolder then use the Embed LTI to manage permissions to the response videos. You would be left with the ::Creators group intact with the individual videos each having their own ::Viewers group for each embed then the Embed LTI would share the individual videos to the folks that have access to the content through the LMS (only those that can access the page will hit the LTI).

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    I wouldn't use the Panopto tool under Insert Stuff, I think you can choose Video Note within Brightspace, and then record your camera and audio. I don't think Brightspace let's you capture your screen.

    Alternatively, why not in your Panopto site, record to your personal folder, and then share just with that student? That ensures only that individual student sees the recording. Might be more work, especially if its a large class.

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    We are trying to avoid a solution where instructors have to do a lot of manual workaround, while also no using the the build-in video recording tool in Brightspace, as it work well below the standards of Panopto (trouble loading, hard to share outside Brightspace, lagging).

    The workaround with the instructor putting the video in their "my folder" could work, but it presents other issues. If the instructor stops, before a student is done with the course, the students will no longer have access to the video. They would also have to remember to change the folder every time and do the manual labor of changing permissions on e.g. 35 videos.

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    Bonnie PowersBonnie Powers Crackerjack

    I agree that "Insert Stuff" isn't intuitive to faculty. Maybe "Video Feedback" and "Private Video Feedback" or something like that.

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