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Restore all content in a folder that has been archived

Currently, the request to restore a video is done on an individual bases. Most faculty will want all of their previous recordings from a semester to be restored, and would prefer to do that at the folder level, rather than making 30 separate requests. Is this a feature we can get enabled in Panopto? We have some faculty who do not teach the same course each year, so will go back and want to re-use old content and panic once they realized it has been archived. While they can put in a restore request, it would be better for them to do it on the course folder level than individual recordings.



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  • @Elaine Mello You or the user can restore at the folder level by clicking on the archive icon at the top right of the screen, selecting one session and then clicking the select all box at the top of the sessions list (highlighted in yellow).

  • Hi Brian,

    I do not see that option at the folder level when looking at archived videos:

    Nor do I see it at the Archive level

    Is this a feature that needs to be enabled under Settings?

  • In your first image, the Archive icon is to the left of the gear icon in the top right corner just below your name.

    You can't restore all videos at once with the Show archived videos box checked.

  • Hi Brian,

    Okay, so that's a bit counterintuitive for a faculty member. They go to their folder, see no videos, select the Show Archived videos to actually see that their videos are not missing. From there, they can only individually restore one video at a time.

    Going by your note above, the only way you see the checkbox in the upper lefthand corner is by clicking one video. Again, not intuitive at all. I'll need to write up some instructions for faculty on this, as if I couldn't figure it out by poking around, I sincerely doubt that the faculty will be able to do so, either.

    Thanks for the explanation - I guess my feature request would be not to make this all so obscure.


  • HI Elaine,

    My understanding is that there will be changes in the upcoming release as to how archived videos are displayed. I brought up the same concerns as you around this not being intuitive, as well as the fact that if there are no archived videos in a folder the checkbox shouldn't even be there. I think they'll be incorporating archived videos into the folder view now by default, but I'm not 100% sure what's made the cut for this release. I'd encourage you to talk to your CSA and get details on the upcoming changes.


  • Thanks Jaime, that's great to know. I'll definitely reach out to the CSR.


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