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June 25th Update

Just to confirm, this major update on June 25 is for Panopto's cloud backend. The Remote Recorders and Panopto for Windows clients don't need to be updated until the middle of July, correct?

Thank You.

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  • KathrynKathryn Administrator
    Answer ✓

    Just for anyone else who comes across this thread, here is the information on recorder upgrades from the recent email that went out to points of contact:

    Mandatory Client Upgrade

    On Thursday, July 21st, we will require Panopto for Windows & Remote Recorders to be upgraded to version 12.0.0 or above and Panopto for Mac to version 11.1.0 or above. The upgrade will be applied to your Panopto site at 8:00pm EDT/5pm PDT.

    The timing information above is for North America and Canada and will vary slightly for other regions.


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