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Ability to disable the "Captions" tab in the video viewer

It would be great to have the option to disable the "Captions" tab in the video viewer and still be able to maintain the captions in the video. Some of our faculty require students to take lecture notes as a part of their pedagogical practices, and it is a foundational aspect of the learning process. However, with the captions tab view as it is, students could simply (and easily) copy & paste these captions into a document and use that as their notes.

To meet ADA compliance, it is required that all video content either include captions OR an audio transcript. My suggested workaround was to delete the captions and simply attach the audio transcript separately. However, students would still be able to use the attached transcript in the same way. It would be GREAT to have the option to disable the "captions" tab in the video viewer only, so the content couldn't be so easily copied and pasted.

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    I agree with Savannah-- We have instructors show want students to see subtitles, but do not want them to be able to search the transcript. However, the transcript is the only place where the user can switch between different languages! That switching function should exist in the "CC" button of the player.

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