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Playback speed keyboard shortcuts (desktop)

On YouTube, I can press the "<" and ">" keyboard shortcuts during a video to change the playback speed. As someone who consumes a lot of videos, and often speeds them up to save time, it adds a decent amount of time to:

  1. Find my mouse cursor (often by wiggling my mouse or scribbling on my trackpad with my finger)
  2. Find the playback speed button on Panopto
  3. Open the playback speed popup
  4. Try one speed setting, which is usually not fast enough, then click on the next, then the next. I usually end up at 1.75x.
  5. Try to resume the video by pressing the spacebar key, only to remember that since the playback speed menu was the last thing focused on, "spacebar" opens the menu again, instead of playing the video. 😒

Anyway, simple shortcuts for playback speed would be sooooo appreciated! And if you decide to do it, don't do weird ones like "j/k" or numbers or shift+ctrl+alt+"+". One or two-key combos at the most, and using shift is great because it's such a big key I don't have to be looking at it directly, and I know where it is anyway since I learned to type as a kid -- it's on home row. I'll participate in a beta if it ever gets that far! Thanks!

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    Bonnie PowersBonnie Powers Crackerjack

    This would be an EXCELLENT ACCESSIBILITY upgrade, especially for those of us who work in Universities that have to comply with the American with Disabilities ACT!!!

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