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Allow students to "check" or "hide" videos already seen.

Elba RiosElba Rios Whiz Kid
edited June 2022 in Feature Requests

Some of our courses have many many videos stored in a Panopto Library. Students don't always see the videos in the order or by date uploaded. Students don't want to scroll down, or try to remember what they've seen -- especially when faculty do not give videos with a descriptive relevant name.

Please provide a way for students to check off or hide videos they've already seen. Or, provide a ghost-like/transparent gray over the videos already seen.

Would appreciate votes. Thank you!

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    Evelin PfeifferEvelin Pfeiffer Panopto Employee

    Dear Elba,

    thanks for your suggestion.

    Viewers can see a bar under the video thumbnail in the video list that indicates if a video has been watched.

    Could I ask if you were aware of this?



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    That suggestion still requires viewers scroll through an entire list of videos.

    Buttons at the top of the window which let the viewer filter the list of videos based upon viewing status would be really helpful!

    All videos | Unwatched | Watched

    Seems pretty intuitive and obvious to me!

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    Elba RiosElba Rios Whiz Kid

    Thanks @Evelin Pfeiffer.

    @Chaz Barbour your recommendation is along the lines of my feature request. This is especially helpful for courses where faculty are not very organized and don't "rename" videos, making it hard for students to quickly access what they want to access. Thank you.

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    I would agree with this. While the bar is helpful, it would be much better if viewers could see a clear delineation between sessions they've started watching, sessions they've completed watching, and sessions that they have yet to start. With this, they should have the option of marking a video as "Watched" in this same interface (with a checkbox to be able to mark multiple).

    Maybe this could expand on the "Tags" feature? When a user starts a video, it is tagged as "Started" for them. When they reach X% of the video (ideally set by the instructor), the video is tagged as "Watched" (which they can set manually). From there, they could filter the folder list using an existing UI that they (hopefully) already understand.

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    I'm revisiting my discussions. @Evelin Pfeiffer , I just put two and two regarding the "video thumbnail" and the "progress bar." Intuitively, I had not made the connection. I'm not sure if the feature is clear for faculty and students.

    @Chaz Barbour , @Michael Espey - This week I met with Alla Taborisskaya, Director of UX at Panopto. I provided a lot of feedback and we are going to continue the conversation in a second meeting. For this feature, I will recommend the following:

    All videos | Unwatched | Watched | In Progress

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