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Set the Default "availability" on newly provisioned folders

It being this time of year where we roll over all our modules I wondered if this had been considered a full 2 years later?

I popped this in as a feature request in 2020 wondering if anyone else would like to see this feature? I know that it would save us a lot of man hours. Currently it kind of negates the automated provisioning of new courses in moodle as we still have to manually set the availability of each course. As you can imagine with hundreds of modules this take a massive amount of time.

We use the workflow that requires the availability set to "never" so the user can then hit the publish button to make the recording available. We would love it if we could choose the default of a newly provisioned folder to "never". At the moment we are having to go into all folder once provisioned and set this manually.

I think others would also benefit from being able to change from the "immediate" default.

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    Hi Daryl,

    I've asked Panopto for a feature that might dovetail with your request. Are you familiar with the concept of Departments? Currently, it's just defining a folder as a Department, but it allows permissions to be granted to subfolders regardless of inheritance. That has worked well for us because, as you know, the provisioning process creates course folders that break inheritance so permissions set on parent folder don't cascade. In any case, we've asked for Department settings, like folder availability, to similarly cascade down regardless of inheritance. So, imagine the global Availability setting being able to get overridden at a Department level. That way, you could set your LMS "Department" to have an Availability of Never, but keep the rest of your site at the Global default (or visa versa). Would that work for your use case? I only ask because there are additional global settings aside from Availability that would also fit into this Department setting model.


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    Hi Jaime,

    That does indeed sound like it would work well for us to! Well fingers crossed we see this integration soon that would give us so much more control and save us a large number of man hours!

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