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Move Download Panopto Option Back to Where it Was

So with the new update, it appears the option to download the Panopto for Win or Mac client has been moved. Instead of being under our names in the upper right, it appears under the Create button, where first we have to select Panopto for Windows or Panopto for Mac.

Has there been any consideration to moving this option back to where it was? I've already had a few trouble tickets from people looking to download the software and not being able to find it. Doesn't seem like it makes a heck of a lot of sense logically to bury a download link under an option that reads like you need to have the software first to use it.

Feature request is for to either move the download option back to where it was under our name, or make it more visible someplace for users.

Thank You.

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    Amen. This seems like an unnecessary change. I can see it being located in both locations but moving it entirely provides no benefit to your customers, while also forcing us all to update our documentation.

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    I would say that the old button placement was somewhat clunky, in that, it is something that ideally needs to be used once or twice for most users so it isn't something in my mind that should be prominently placed in the UI. In the general case, I actually like the new workflow as from the first step (downloading the app) users are told to go to the create button as the center of getting content into the platform but with the app update workflows available for the desktop app, there is a need for some sort of button in the UI.

    With that said, I also think that there needs to be a button/link available to just download the app as a backup. This could be something that exists under the help menu. In fact, I like the idea of having a download button under the help menu so much that I just added one to my site:

    If we were to have some way to set a target recorder version for the "update notification" setting for the site and/or auto-updates for the desktop client I don't really see a need for that previous button or any prominently placed button for downloading the client. With the current option where the notification is just set to the bleeding edge without the option to suppress it on managed machines, we can't really use the update notification so we need some sort of way for users to easily prompt for an update on their own machine. If that need goes away, the need for a button goes away as well (at least for most users).

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    Totally agree with this, and I've raised a feature request as well. Whereas I can see the thinking behind moving it to the 'create' menu, I fail to see the reasoning behind hiding it behind 'record in application'. And as Chaz points out, it's annoying to have to change all our user guides as well!

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