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Assign caption services to users/departments and delete caption providers

Brian DyerBrian Dyer Whiz Kid
edited June 2023 in Feature Requests

I'm pretty sure the same or similar requests have been made by others so if you submitted one or see someone else's, post a link to it here in a reply. 

  • In the Caption and Translation Services tab we need to be able to delete captioning profiles that are no longer being used.

  • We also need to keep Dept Admins and Caption Requesters from seeing (and accidentally selecting) captioning profiles that belong to other depts. The Science Dept should only see Science Dept profiles.

  • In the Caption & Translation Requests tab it would be nice to see the name of a session in the list of requests instead of only seeing Captions Requested and Error and then having to click on the Details button to find out the name of the session. Captions Requested and Error could be 2 separate columns.

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    I love all 3 suggestions. I would put them in the order of 3, 1, and 2.

    Most important would be the ability to restrict captioning providers by department. I don't delete old providers often so this is my least needed request.

    I think the Session name actually does appear, but it's highly sensitive to the size of your browser window.

    Here you can see the Session name does not appear at all despite appearing to be one of the columns:

    If I resize the window to take up the full width of my monitor, you see part of the Session name:

    If I hide the left hand nav bar in Panopto, I can see even more of the Session name:

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    @Chaz Barbour Thanks for session name tip! Feeling a little dumb for not trying that LOL!!!

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    The column scaling is completely non-intuitive so I don't blame you for not noticing it. It doesn't work like other windows.

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    With the recent problem with the department admin role, the option to restrict caption providers to both departments and to individuals should be an obvious next step.

    While I don't really "need" the ability to delete providers, it is very strange to me that this isn't an option.

    I would also add to this request the ability to require approvals (and set approvers) for new caption orders for specific providers as well as set caps for providers to avoid runaway/inadvertent orders. These last two are not as critical as the ability to restrict providers down to departments/individuals, but they are things that we have needs for and would be welcome additions to the platform.

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