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Why are captions displayed twice?

A faculty member I have been working with has uploaded some videos into her panopto folder in Canvas. I was helping her embed her videos onto a page. When playing the videos, she noticed that captions were being displayed twice, once in the video and again kind of off to the side (see below screen capture). However, when I went to view these videos in her course, I did not experience this. I had to ask her to send me screen captures so that I could see it for myself. We also checked the student view, and she was still experiencing these instances of captioning. I cannot seem to figure out why. Could the problem be that the video was uploaded already having captions?


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    I just submitted a ticket as we are seeing strange chacters inserted when editing captions. These characters don't appear in the full Panopto player but are present in the editor and when viewing the embedded video.

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    @Michael Espey I just turned the live captions on in my Google Chrome and that replicated what was happening. Thank you so much for helping me figure this out. :)

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