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Allow AUTOPLAY to be disabled during the Embed process

When we embed a videos in Sakai using Embed Content on Page, the embedded d video is the Panopto player and it AUTO PLAYS every time the page is loaded. It would be great if during the embedding process the Instructor could choose to DISABLE AUTO PLAY nd CHOOSE the type of embedding (FULL PANOPTP or VIDEO ONLY)

This may not only be in Sakai, so please comment and upvote if this happens in your LMS (or not)

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Completed · Last Updated

When copying the embed code to share a video in a webpage (such as in Sakai), users can toggle the option to enable or disable autoplay. If you are seeing behavior that does not align with the setting you have selected in the embed options in the share settings, please check your browser's autoplay settings. If your browser is set to a different autoplay setting, it may interfere with what you have selected in Panopto. https://support.panopto.com/s/article/Embed-a-Video


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