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"Days Until Archived" Tool

edited July 2022 in Feature Requests

With the shift to Stored Hours and Archive Hours, users need to be able to anticipate WHEN any and all of their videos will become offline/archived.

Currently users CAN fumble through a process to find this info now. Here's what it looks like: Find a folder or video -- click stats -- adjust "Last 30 days" to Custom dates & set a date -- download a report -- sort a CSV file by "Timestamp" and parse that information to determine when something might become Archived.

Because of the new licensing and storage structure, users need a simple step (1-2 clicks) that gives a clear and concise report that

1) lists all of a users videos

2) lists how many Years_Months_Days until each of those videos moves to archive (OR lists the exact date that each of those videos will be moved to Archive, based on most recent views)

Because institutions implement the Archive process at different intervals, the "Days Until Archive" feature should align with the same date established by the institutions Panopto Admin.


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    Totally agree! This would be helpful for me as an admin as well as regular users. In Zoom, when you look at a recording it shows how many days until it's archived I would love to see that feature in Panopto too.

    In addition, if we setup a retention policy to delete videos after they have been in the archive for a period of time (18 - 24 months) it would be great for my users to see a countdown of days until deletion.

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