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Control focus during playback

I am typically recording with 3 video sources:

1) head shot using webcam

2) screen capture

3) powerpoint presentation

This request would allow setting/flag (presumably set during editing) to control which video stream is being displayed in the primary view area. In editing some mark can be placed in the timeline to cause the powerpoint to be displayed in the primary viewing area. Later a mark can be placed in the timeline to cause the screen capture to be displayed in the primary viewing area.

While the user watching the video can always override this, there are times when the video creator wants to draw the focus of attention to something in particular to at least temporarily ensure that stream is being viewed.

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    Do you have a dual monitor setup? If so, I wonder if it might be better to have your PPT on one screen full, and whatever else you want captured on your other screen. Instead of selecting Capture PowerPoint and Capture Main Screen, I would select Capture Main Screen and Capture Second Screen, then use the Focus Tool in the Editor to go back and forth between what you want your users to see.


    If you don't have dual monitors, you might need to just Capture Main Screen (it'll still capture PPT when called up) so there is only one secondary source to focus on. Before switching between PPT and say Excel or the web you can always take a few seconds pause and then edit that out later if you don't want to show yourself changing between software apps in the recording.

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