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Bulk creation of discrete entries (as opposed to reference) / Bulk create full copies

edited November 2023 in Feature Requests

If you make a copy of videos in bulk in Panopto (e.g., copy a folder of videos), it creates a reference copy of those videos. You can only make full (unique) copies of individual videos.

I'm interested in a method that allows us to create copies of videos that are not linked to the originals.

I am aware of how the current system will display a pop up about unlinking the reference copy from the original. This likely won't be an issue for our more tech savvy users, but we support quite a few users who would find the "Unlink and edit" prompt screen daunting.

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  • If I am doing a batch copy of videos, by default the batch copying makes reference copies.

    I'd like to request the option to decide if the videos I'm batch copying should be reference or full copies.

    This almost already led to a disaster for a colleague who had a long Zoom meeting import and way trying to edit it down to a number of short recordings from different segments of the meetings.

    Thank You,

    Kevin Hartman, University at Buffalo

  • I think that admins should have this option still, as we did previously, but I would be hesitant to roll this out campus-wide. We have some folders with hundreds of hours of content and even the possibility that all of that would be copied at each semester (or multiple times a semester) makes me quake.

    To meet this need and provide some additional flexibility for the reference copy tool, I would like to see us be able to take a clip from a session that just references the original. This could be something where a very limited editor is available for reference copies where you can turn that reference copy into a "reference clip" of sorts. It could also be another option under that copy menu, in that case, you would have the following available there:

    • Full Copy - All contents are copied uniquely
    • Reference Copy - All contents are referenced back to the original
    • Create a clip (new) - create a clip of this session that references back to the original session, but only plays segments. This should provide a quick editor where you can quickly cut out the portions that you don't want to display.
  • Yes, I only meant for admins to have it, not everybody. Maybe we can open it up to people if needed.

  • At Copenhagen Business School we have the same problem with not being able to do a do a full copy when batch copying of videos. I would like the teachers them self to be able to do it, so I dont have to copy their videos for them.

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