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When a user creates an Assignment Folder allow them to name it during the creation process.

Currently the Systems automatically names the folder and then we have to add additional steps to show faculty how to rename the folder. It would reduce alot of work if they could just be prompted to name the Assignment folder when they create it.

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    I also noticed there's no easy way for an instructor to get a link to share with students. Instead of the usual Copy link box, instructors see this:

    The best option I can come up with is having the instructor click on the assignment folder and then copy the url from the browser. That's very ugly and prone to failure.

    It would be far preferable to have the standard Copy Link button as shown below.

    Nor does the documentation address the fact that you can only have one active Assignment folder per folder. You either have to create subfolders and then create Assignment folders within them, or "Close" the currently active Assignment folder before creating a new one.

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