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Add language choice to CC button in player.

Currently, if a video has more than one caption language available, the only way for a user to switch between caption languages is to play it in the Panopto server, then display the transcript, then scroll to the top of the transcript to find the dropdown menu for switching.

This option should be available from the CC button in the embedded video player, the way it is standardly done in YouTube, Vimeo, etc. (including formerly in Ensemble Video.)

This is how it looks in Vimeo:

This is how it looks in YouTube:

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Completed · Last Updated

This was added in Panopto's latest release. Please see 2.6 of the following documentation for more information: https://support.panopto.com/s/article/Navigate-the-Viewer


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    I second that. I was about to create a feature request about this myself. Unfortunately, the procedure now is not very intuitive or unrecognizable. If Panopto implements it in the same way as Youtube (which everyone knows), it will be much easier for viewers to find the subtitles. From a user's point of view, it makes sense to click on the cc icon to enable or change the caption's language. It does not make sense to hide it in a sidebar menu. If this is implemented it will increase the accessibility of the videos.

    Panopto has many good features, but sometimes it is as if the user experience is not thought through.

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