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More Intuitive Folder Structure Interface

Bonnie PowersBonnie Powers Crackerjack
edited August 2022 in Feature Requests

I find the Panopto folder structure interface (icons and layout) dissimilar to more common interfaces like one would see in Windows or IOS.

This has lead to students (and other users like me) not noticing that there are subfolder within a folder where they might find the video they are looking for. Even though I am familiar, I overlooked the existence of subfolder MULTIPLE times.

I would like to suggest a more commonly used graphic user interface more similar to what you see in the BROWSE menu or would see on Windows or Mac to make it more intuitive to all users. Specifically

  • 1. larger folder icons and names
  • 2. nested vertically with arrows to open them
  • 3. including and item count in each folder so you don't have to open folder just to find out they are empty
  • 4. Move or add "Add Folder" Icon to menu that includes Filter by Date and Refresh above

I love Panopto and just want to make it as awesome as possible.


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    Agreed. The folders in the right pane need to be larger. Something like the UI people see on Windows or Mac OS. Different colors or shading may also be helpful.

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    I agree that the folder layout could be improved. Where there are multiple sub-folders the "Show all..." option is often overlooked.

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