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Archive Audit Column: Whose Video is it?

Currently, when an admin runs an audit of videos that will be moved to Archive, we see a [huge] list of videos. Please add a column to the list that shows who the video belongs to. Then, when that audit report is downloaded, the data can easily be sorted by username . . . and institutional admins will know who should be communicated with about any given video.

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  • Just to throw in a bit of a caveat here in terms of the Owner of a video: if these are sessions uploaded via a remote recorder, then the scheduler (media technician, often) is the Owner. That might suit your needs, but it also means, at least in our case, that the person scheduling the recordings is given a list of hundreds of recordings that belong to a lot of different classrooms and teaching staff.

  • A good addition. Maybe a "classroom" or "recorder" column could help an admin parse where these videos came from.

  • A year ago, I gave Panopto similar feedback. I suggested they add anyone with Creator rights to the folder in which the video is owned.

    • Creators - Since some content will be from ​​Remote Recorders and the faculty member often won’t be the actual owner, it would be better to list the people who have creator rights to the folder. If there are groups with creator access, enumerate and list all members of all groups.

    That way I could pick out the faculty members who may be the content owner.

    Panopto Content Retention Feedback

  • I complained, I mean requested, this when the archiving functionality was implemented and again today. The Audit Report, as it exists presently, is almost entirely unhelpful. If I could see WHOSE videos are about to be deleted, I could take appropriate action. Video owner or creater would be *incredibly* helpful. Folder name would be nice too (to identify what class the video belongs to) but if I had to pick one, I vote for the creator.

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