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Add Tags in Bulk

It would be beneficial if we could add tags to sessions in bulk from the folder UI. It is not uncommon that a user would need to add the same tag(s) to a batch of sessions in a folder.

Right now, the workflow is exceptionally slow and clunky. You need to click a few times, type in the tags one by one (copy/pasting multiple doesn't work), then navigate to the next video and do it all over again for each video. It is a huge time sink, and in many cases, this limitation makes it so the feature isn't really useable.

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    edited June 2023

    This is a feature request. We have found tags useful in organizing our material and in providing more information when using the search function. We want to tag all of our videos and we could streamline this process by being able to tag all of the videos in one folder at once, or by selecting multiple videos to tag at the same time. In addition, we've noticed that tags don't show up in the order we type them. We use about 4 tags per video, and despite entering them in the same order, each video has a different order for their tags.

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