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Intelligent device selection for Panopto Remote Recorder

Hi all,

As title basically - we're using Panopto in a slightly unusual fashion, in that we install the remote recorder on users devices and they start/stop the system to record the audio from meetings/video calls for regulatory purposes.

Whilst we have been able to deploy Panopto to users devices, the process has been painful as it requires them to be online and us to configure the recording devices for their device manually each time.

Ideally, this process should be improved to add some kind of intelligence - we can create a template that says 'record all audio devices' or 'record devices matching this name' etc.; that kind of thing. As it stands, if a user changes their audio configuration (e.g. they disconnect their headset, use a different audio device, etc.), the recorder faults, and they have to contact us to change the settings, then they have to restart their device before they can start recording. This is less than ideal.

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