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Notification of issue with Panopto embedded player API

Bill WolfBill Wolf Panopto Employee

Hello - We want to let you know about an issue affecting caption data from Panopto.

What is the issue?

Incorrect caption end times are being sent by the Panopto embedded player API. This problem also impacts caption files that are directly downloaded from Panopto.

Which versions of Panopto are affected?

Panopto Cloud

How do I tell if this affects me?

Closed captions that are sourced from Panopto may not display in third-party embedded players such as Playposit. 

How do I mitigate the issue?

This problem can be mitigated by watching Panopto content with native viewers.

When will this be resolved?

We are investigating the root cause and tentatively expect to have more information regarding a resolution by early next week.

For any questions, please contact Panopto Support online at support.panopto.com.

Best Answer

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    Bill WolfBill Wolf Panopto Employee
    Answer ✓

    This incident was resolved with our most recent cloud release.


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    Bill WolfBill Wolf Panopto Employee

    The resolution for this issue is being planned for our upcoming minor release at the end of next week (September 22nd/23rd).

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