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Archive content owned by users no longer at the university?

We have over 2500 users who are no longer with the university. Collectively they own almost 19,000 hours of content which hasn't been played in 13 or more months. In most cases, this content will never be needed and is safe to archive and eventually delete. Unfortunately, there is no way to archive content based upon who owns the content, nor is there any sort of tags or categorization for users.

1: It would be great if there were a way to set a flag or categorize users as being Separated, Inactive, Archived, etc., either in bulk or programmatically. Then the user's status could be used for making content retention policy decisions.

If UserStatus = Inactive AND Last Play Date >= 6 months ago THEN Archive

For some separated users, content they owned continues to be used or may be used again in the future, even though they are no longer with the university. This is often the case when a staff member has been uploading content for a department and they leave Notre Dame. Currently we have approximately 130 users with 587 hours of content which has been viewed in the past 3 months and an additional 170 users with 886 more hours of content which has been viewed in the past 4-6 months.

2: It would be helpful if there were a way to reassign content ownership to someone else, either in bulk or programmatically.

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    I fully agree with this request.

    We've been looking at implementing user lifecycle management for the last few years and we frankly don't have the tools on the table today to put together a solution in Panopto. I don't have a clear/exhaustive list of what we would need in this space, but I would be happy to dig into those details if this is something that Panopto is considering.

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