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ThumbnailUrl field returns invalid image URL

Good morning

A week ago, I was getting the correct image address in response to a request:


But a few days ago, the value of the ThumbnailUrl field was supplemented with our domain and took the form:

https://jamworks.cloud.panopto.eu/Panopto/https://d2hpwsdp0ihr0w.cloudfront.net/sessions/b88f40c5-af83-47ad-8fcb-af0e009106f8/a427b4a3-52d6-4a74-b483-af0e0091381d_et/thumbs/slide0. jpg

Please tell me why our domain was added to the image address and how to return a valid address for this field (ThumbnailUrl)

below is the request and the full response that I am getting now

GET https://jamworks.cloud.panopto.eu/Panopto/api/v1/folders/99120a89-481d-4339-b700-af0e0090e2ef/sessions


  "Results": [


      "Description": null,

      "StartTime": "2022-09-12T08:48:02.28Z",

      "Duration": 86.73299999999999,

      "MostRecentViewPosition": 0.0,

      "CreatedBy": {

        "Id": "00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000",

        "Username": null


      "Urls": {

                "ViewerUrl": "https://jamworks.cloud.panopto.eu/Panopto/Pages/Viewer.aspx?id=572c5063-4f38-45ad-80c0-af0e00910703",

        "EmbedUrl": null,

        "ShareSettingsUrl": null,

        "DownloadUrl": null,

                "CaptionDownloadUrl": "https://jamworks.cloud.panopto.eu/Panopto/Pages/Transcription/GenerateSRT.ashx?id=572c5063-4f38-45ad-80c0-af0e00910703&language=English_GBR",

        "EditorUrl": null,

                "ThumbnailUrl": "https://jamworks.cloud.panopto.eu/Panopto/https://d2hpwsdp0ihr0w.cloudfront.net/sessions/b88f40c5-af83-47ad-8fcb-af0e009106f8/a427b4a3-52d6-4a74-b483-af0e0091381d_et/thumbs/slide0.jpg"


      "Folder": "99120a89-481d-4339-b700-af0e0090e2ef",

      "FolderDetails": {

        "Id": "99120a89-481d-4339-b700-af0e0090e2ef",

        "Name": "LMS"


      "PercentCompleted": null,

      "Id": "572c5063-4f38-45ad-80c0-af0e00910703",

      "Name": "c1v01[Introduction]-Introduction"






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    Kevin BaumKevin Baum Panopto Employee

    Hi Alex,

    Thanks for sending this in. This is a bug that we had also identified, and we have a fix for this issue that should be released very soon.

    In the meantime, you can always remove the first part of the URL returned, up to the second "https", which will result in the correct URL (i.e. remove "https://jamworks.cloud.panopto.eu/Panopto/").

    Please let me know if you have any questions.



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