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Content Retention - Hide/Delete folders with retention policy

ADMIN Louis PliskinADMIN Louis Pliskin Crackerjack
edited December 2023 in Feature Requests

Our retention policy is different to the one that Panopto offers. But we wonder if it is possible to have it as an option.

We use Panopto and Blackboard, so every year Bb courses are provisioned with a new Panopto folder.

Rather than going on the basis of when a recording was watched, we delete folders and everything in it when a folder has hit a certain age.

It would be great if the Panopto's content retention policy could include such option on folders rather than content.

In addition. One of the things we have is that we allow teaching staff content owners that wish to keep their content a chance to move it into a newer folder to keep it. So we email them to let them know that their content is in risk of being deleted. Currently videos that are impacted by the content retention in Panopto emails just the admin. It would be great if it could then alert the content owners as well.

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    Jeremy SmithJeremy Smith Crackerjack

    Also would be good if all the content from a folder has aged out and been deleted, it also deletes the now-empty folder.

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