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360 videos playback incorrectly in Chromium based browsers

Hi all

Can't file this in bug reports but suspect this is a bug, I've filed a ticket but whilst I wait for a response just wondering if others have experienced this:

360 videos seem to playback wrongly in Edge and Chrome but playback fine in Safari and Firefox....


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    I just did some testing with some older 360 content that I have and it seems to be playing back correctly in Chome 106. Would you be able to describe what is going on with the content you have in Chrome?

    Additionally, this is probably something that needs to be reported to Panopto Support so they can review.

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    Sacha GoodwinSacha Goodwin Crackerjack
    edited October 2022

    Hi Michael

    It's been raised with support already - this is what an example of what it looks like. (this is in Edge/Mac)

    As opposed to what it should look like( in Safari):

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    Oh, yeah, I've never seen anything like that but support should be able to get it fixed up. If you're able to get it sorted out and you'd be willing to share the solution, I would love to learn what is going on with it.

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