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Adjust audio gain in the editor - increase/decrease the volume or mute parts of the video

Mads Szylit LarsenMads Szylit Larsen Crackerjack
edited August 2023 in Feature Requests



We regularly experience that videos are recorded at a low volume. Our students often have recordings from different teachers with varying volume levels. Many students watch the videos on the train, bus, cafe, or in the common areas on campus, where there is often background noise.

I know there is a normalization feature in Panopto, but as far as I know, it only helps equalize sound levels if there are very high and very low levels in the same recording. On the other hand, it does not help if the entire recording is at a low sound volume.


I want the ability to turn up the volume like you can in many editing programs. This can possibly be done in the editor with a rotary knob, a dropdown menu, or based on a predefined level that Panopto sets for all videos (so that all videos in Panopto can be set to have the same sound level).


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    Currently, you can remove audio. However, you cannot add blank space to the audio track. Feature Request: In the Panopto Editor, ability to add space in the timeline for no audio. 

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    Paul DouglasPaul Douglas Crackerjack


    It would be great to get more control to manipulate the audio stream independently!

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    I would love to see this feature, also. Currently the recommendation is to download the video, edit using Camtasia (or other video editing software), and re-upload the video. This is more tedious than it should be and discourages instructors from fixing their videos, as most don't have experience with video editors.

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    Ben LuceroBen Lucero Crackerjack

    Integrating more advanced audio editing features would be a tremendous update including compression and equalization. Additionally, having an ability to add additional tracks for soundtrack and/or narration purposes, with the ability to mix the tracks, would also be super productive. This would offer our field and power plant employees (I work in a utilities company) the ability to shoot their footage and then add voiceover guidance to their videos afterward as sometimes their working environments are extremely loud. If adding tracks becomes an option, fade in/out options would be necessary.

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    +1. I was very disappointed in the "normalize" feature, as it doesn't do what it says on the tin. It is actually a heavy compressor, which you may not want in many cases. A true peak level normalize (bringing the sound level up to maximum without distorting or modifying the sound) would be the answer, plus some level of volume control as you have suggested.

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