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GetSessionsById() exception if session doesn't exist anymore

edited October 2022 in API

If I call GetSessionsById() passing a sessionID (that I have stored into an external data base) of a session that doesn't exist anymore I get same exception.

"Invalid Session Id xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx for user: nnnnnnnn:xxxxxxxx, at accessLevel: "The current user does not have access to call this method."

GetSessionsById() normally return the list of Sessions (IEnumerable<session>) with ID in the Guid[] array passed as parameter.

In this case (session that doesn't exist) , why the API doesn't return a list without the deleted session (or empty list if I passed just 1 Guid) but it cause an exception instead?

The only solution is to get the complete List of all existing sessions and check if my session is still present?




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    Joe MalmstenJoe Malmsten Panopto Employee
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    After taking a look at this API call it looks like this is expected behavior for when a session is invalid. If you need further assistance with this issue please speak with your Panopto support contact and have them open a support ticket with Panopto for more information.


    Joe Malmsten


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    I found this workaround:

    I call this API GetSessionsAvailabilitySettings() instead

    It also cause an exception but at least the ex.Message is more significant:

    "The session with ID 'xxxxx-xxxxx-xx' was not found."




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