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Possible to edit different playback speed to different sections?

i.e. I would like the more trivial part of a short video to run at double speed in contrast to a more demanding section, which I would like to keep at regular speed. Is this possible?

My iPhone camera editing offers this option, so perhaps it is also a feature of Panopto? Thank you very much.


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    This isn't something that is currently possible within the Panopto editor (setting the playback speed), but these controls are available to the viewer when they are playing the content back.

    With that said, I think it would be great if there was a way to suggest or prompt a change in playback speed from the editor.

    Maybe someone from the team at Panopto can move this question to a feature request?

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    Thank you very much for clarifying!

    Using videos in educational context, I think this feature could be very handy and relevant :-)

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    Obviously you could do this in an external editor and upload it in that state, though it may raise questions of accessibility.

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