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ability to turn off inheritation for videos

As of now it is not possible to turn off inheritation or delete inherited rights for particular videos in a folder. Should be possible to give videos different viewer-rights than the whole folder has

E.g. students A,B and C have access to folder F with videos X and Y. Video X is available til everyone in that folder but video Y shall only be seen by user A and C.

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    I agree with your idea about giving different people different viewing rights. Depending how big the course is, you can just remove all viewing access on Folder F, and then individually add students to have permission to each individual video, but that can get crazy too depending how big the course is.

    You can kind of do this now in Panopto but in something of a roundabout way...

    So to change this, what I've had to do is create a subfolder in folder F. Let's call it Folder S, and put video Y inside of folder S. Go to the share settings of folder S, and stop inheriting permissions (Section 2 - https://support.panopto.com/s/article/Share-a-Folder).

    Once you've done that, you can remove access to the folder for Student B (or a Viewer's Group if on there), but keep or individually add A and C to the folder.

    Once you saved changes, students A, B, and C should all have access to video X in folder F, but in subfolder S, only A and C have access to video Y.

    Again, it's roundabout and not ideal, but could work if necessary.

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    That is exactly how we do it for the case where all Recordings in a folder are "Unavailable for viewers" but the instructor has asked me to make just one of the recordings available for just one Viewer. The Viewer group includes that student, so you can't just add the individual student to the recording in the original folder because their viewer group membership over-rides that access.

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