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Deleting a Folder/Videos in Panopto


We are in the process of trying to clean up older videos and are creating a new retention policy. I am at the Admin level. I have a question about moving archived videos to the recycle bin. For example, I have a folder that contains several sub-folders with videos in each folder. Is there a way to archive all of the videos in the folder at one time? I was also wondering about how the recycle bin works for deleted videos. If you delete the whole folder, do the videos move to the recycle bin or are they gone forever. Thank you in advance for your help.

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    Jaime BermudezJaime Bermudez Whiz Kid
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    Unfortunately, you can't bulk archive via the UI; rather, you'd have to set up a one-off retention policy on the parent folder in a hierarchy OR I think your best bet would be to file a support case. Maybe if they get enough requests to bulk archive, they'll build the functionality into the platform. :)

    As for deleting a folder, the sessions go to the recycle bin. The warning that you are "permanently deleting" only applies to the folder itself, apparently.


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