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Make the subtitles language selection more obvious


In our instance, we manage content in three different languages (English, German & French). Not everyone speaks each language, so our practice is to create subtitles in all languages for videos targeted to a large audience. For that, we use the ASR & caption translation features (which are great btw!).

Now when a user starts viewing a video, they can enable subtitles, but they seem to default to the video language. To change the language, you have to go to the side panel "Captions" menu, then you need to select your language in the dropdown. Internal feedback shows that most users do not notice this, and conclude that subtitles only exist in the language that is provided by default.

I think that one way to tackle this would be to enable language selection from the cc button that is currently used to toggle subtitles on and off. Like when you click on this button, instead of toggling subtitles, you would see the language selection dropdown, and you could select from any language, or "None" to disable subtitles completely.

What do you think?

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