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Give Remote Recorder admins ability to bulk move scheduled recordings

Hello Panopto,

It would be great if admins on individual remote recorders could also have access to the feature to move scheduled recordings in bulk from one remote recorder to another remote recorder, as listed in Section 1 here - https://support.panopto.com/s/article/Move-Scheduled-Remote-Recordings

Just today we had to replace a PC we use for remote recorder due to some issues with it, and I'm the only one on my team with full admin access in the system, they are all just admins to the recorders in our building. If I was out, they'd either need to find someone on our central team to move the recordings in bulk, re-schedule them, or move them manually.

Moving them in bulk was so quick and easy today. I don't understand any reason why folks with admin access on certain recorders couldn't move recordings from one remote recorder to another, as long as they had administrator access on both recorders. You never know when a PC you've set up to have the remote recorder software on it is going to have issues, like today.

Panopto, please consider this feature request going forward.

Thank You,

Kevin Hartman, University at Buffalo

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    100% agree. We've had similar issues come up and having the ability to distribute this functionality to department/remote recorder admins would save a ton of time in this sort of critical moment.

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    This actually exists, but the one time I tried it, we had no end of problems with the feature

    Since then, I've found it easier to delete upcoming scheduled recordings and just create new ones on the new system or room than trusting the move scheduled recordings option....

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    Right, that's for system admins.

    For folks who might be Creators in the system but have admin access on a couple recorders, this doesn't exist for them. At least the ones on my team. Is there another setting to give this to them someplace?

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    You're right, I was looking as a sys admin. And as mentioned, it didn't work well when I did try to use it (in that instance, a course was moved from one classroom to another.) Perhaps it is possible to create a custom role to allow creators to do this.

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