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Notification of issue affecting Remote Recorder stability

Bill WolfBill Wolf Panopto Employee

Hello - We want to let you know about an issue affecting Remote Recorder stability.

What is the issue?

Some Remote Recorders will experience intermittent failures to record due to excessive memory consumption.

Which versions of Panopto are affected?

We have only observed this issue in Remote Recorder versions 12.0.0 and 12.0.1.

How do I tell if this affects me?

All customers running the affected Remote Recorder versions may be affected.

How do I mitigate the issue?

Schedule weekly Windows reboots for computers running the affected Remote Recorder versions.

When will this be resolved?

We are working on an update to the Remote Recorder with a planned release date within approximately the next 2 weeks.

For any questions, please contact Panopto Support online at support.panopto.com.

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    Bill WolfBill Wolf Panopto Employee
    Answer ✓

    This issue can now be mitigated with the release of Remote Recorder 12.0.2.

    You can download and install the latest Remote Recorder by following the instructions here.

    For any questions, don't hesitate to get in touch with Panopto Support online at support.panopto.com.


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    Bill WolfBill Wolf Panopto Employee

    Our engineers have determined that additional steps are required to identify the root cause of this issue. We are unable to fully reproduce the problem internally and will be reaching out to some affected customers directly to request assistance with gathering the required diagnostics data.

    There is no estimated time for the resolution of this issue, but we will leave this thread open and continue to work on it with high priority.

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