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An OPTION for Automatic Import of Team Meetings to Panopto at point of recording

I have the Teams/Panopto integration and use the 'Import Team Meetings to Panopto Automatically'. It works fine, BUT- I do not need all meeting recordings to go to Panopto.

Can a toggle/prompt be added at the point of recording to give the option 'Do you want this recording to be auto transferred to Panopto?'

This would significantly impact our ability to roll out the Teams/Panopto integration for all staff.

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    This would be really useful for us too. We only have a limited capacity for recording storage in Panopto given it is only used for learning and teaching purposes. The current Teams to Panopto integration risks many recordings not related to learning and teaching being transferred to Panopto, never being viewed and taking up valuable space.

    If there was an additional toggle/prompt at the point of recording (or even after recording) 'Do you want this recording to be transferred to Panopto' that would be a great help in being able to roll the integration out across the institution (bearing in mind Teams is used for business as well as learning and teaching purposes)

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