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Playback embedded sessions with Authenticated URL via SOAP API?

Our institute is migrating from Mediasite to Panopto. For enriching Mediasite presentations I developed and manage a tool that uses the Player API and embeds a link with a playback ticket. This playback ticket is created via the API. The purpose is using restricted links within the tool. 

I would very much like to use the same functionality for our users with Panopto. Within the SOAP documentation I found the GetAuthenticatedUrl functionality. With this library https://github.com/lucisgit/php-panopto-api I was able to succesfully create an authenticated link. The result I get from this call looks structurally like this:

I would expect this link to lead me to the playback page of the Panopto session directly when I paste it in a browser but that is not the case. Instead I get directed to the login page of our instance. Do I misinterpret the intended functionality of this SOAP call? What am I doing wrong regarding this situation?


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    Erik BoonErik Boon Tyro
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    Nevermind, I figured it out..

    You need place the Authenticated Url in embed code on the webpage of the server that requests the Authenticated Url, basically as an Iframe.. That way the video shows nicely, without redirecting to the login screen. I am starting to enjoy this!

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