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Download Video Podcast with Captions Burned In

Currently, we can download a video with picture-in-picture, side by side, Primary or Secondary Screen, etc. It would be fantastic if our users could check a box that downloads the video with captions burned into the video.

While we can download captions, and we can download the video, adding the capability of downloading the two as a single video file with captions burned in would save lots of time for some of our users.

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    @Dann [ADMIN] Hurlbert The podcast mp4s actually contain the captions as a language track. If you use a player that supports audio tracks, like VLC, you can enable/disable this for playback. It's not burned in by default, but it's there and you might be able to generate another version with the captions always on?

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    Thanks, Jaime! I think media production folks can make this happen with relative ease and a modest amount of time. I'd love to have it be an easy thing for average users to be able to do . . . so the media pros wouldn't need to be involved. Panopto has already been a big help in that regard . . . and this would be another way.

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