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Panopto Capture: Add option to mirror video

There are some scenarios where it would be nice to have the option to mirror a video source coming into Panopto Capture. It would also be great in the desktop app but it seems like this would be some low-hanging fruit in Capture.

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    I would second this feature request. Particularly with Panopto Capture. But even if we could have a specifically Mirrored folder that flipped it as part of the processing part, that would be brilliant. We want to use Panopto and ideally avoid third party or editing software.

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    we are planning to record videos with a lightboard. We need to flip the video, and it would be great to not have to export it out of Panopto just to do that.

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    Agree it would be nice to be able to mirror in Capture and maybe even the desktop recorder if using a lightboard.

    When I was testing with a lightboard a few months ago, I recorded to OBS (Open Broadcaster Studio). There was a feature in there to mirror the video as it's being recorded, and then I would upload that recording to Panopto. It was a few extra steps but it worked. I did not try to take the OBS camera feed flipped directly into Panopto and record it there so that might be something to try as well.

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    There are hardware devices which can take an HDMI signal and mirror it it real time. May be easier to do that, then pipe that signal into a PC and then up to Panopto.

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