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4k recording capability with Remote Recorders

We've been upgrading our lecture capture classrooms - our older set up had multiple cameras for capturing both the chalkboards and the faculty. With the upgrade, we're reducing the system to two cameras - 1 auto tracking camera and 1 4k Aja Rovocam that we then bring into our Epiphan Pearl 2 recorders as a 4k source. That is our wideshot in the room, and then we create several 1080p channels for recording - depending on the number of chalkboards, we will do something like the following:

Pearl 2 inputs:

  • AVer TR333v2 tracking camera
  • Aja Rovocam (wideshot)
  • Left chalkboard
  • Middle chalkboard (in rooms with three or more sets of chalkboards)
  • Right chalkboard
  • PC 1 feed
  • PC 2 feed

We do multiple PC fees because often classes use two projectors in the room - in say a Physics class, they will have a Power Point presentation on their laptop and use an experiment camera for a second source to show a close up of a physics experiment to the students. We record locally on the Peal 2s as we re-purpose the videos for courses for OpenCourseWare (OCW) publication.

Unfortunately, because of the Panopto API settings with the Pearl 2s, when a recording happens, the signal defaults back to 1080 recording, rather than 4k recording. For our post production editing for OCW we'd love to have the local 4k recording for editing in Premiere. But this would require Panopto changing the ingest for recording to give a 4k option for recording.

Is this something on the roadmap for Panopto?

Thanks for considering this idea....


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