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Ability to control order of streams on player and in editor

It seems like the order that multiple streams is random when ingested for processing. I originally thought that it was dependent upon the order of channels in our remote Epiphan Pearl recorders, but that doesn't seem to be the case.

So we capture multiple sources, including PCs - the template by default recorders the PC input, because some classes will sporadically use a laptop in class. Since the capture is automated, it seems similar to capture that signal and delete it as necessary later on. But since the sources don't seem to be consistent on upload, often the PC input ends up being the S2 source in the Panopto player. If no PC is connection, the system shows a "no signal" or black. I thought by re-ordering the input channels on the recorders that it would be the last source that could be selected by a viewer, so that the main S2 source would be by default the wideshot camera on playback.

So the feature request is to either force the player into putting the streams in the order that they are on in the remote recorder, or to allow someone in the Editor to swap the sources for playback. This second option isn't optimal, as it requires a manual edit to do this, but it would be an option if some faculty want to use it. Right now, the only option is to go into the editor, delete the streams you don't want and reprocess the file.

So can there be a way to force which stream is the S2?



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    It would be great if it were possible to change the order of streams in the editor for which source buttons show up when playing back a video. For instance, if I am uploading multiple camera angles, but would prefer that the viewer consistently sees them in the same order in playback for choosing sources, rather than delete streams and re-upload, it would be great to be able to just recorder how the player sees them.

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