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How can I add chapters or ContentTable items via the upload API?

Currently I am exploring the upload API and steadily making progress. At this moment one question arises; How can I add chapters to the uploaded video?

According to universal-content-library-specification/universal-capture-2.0.xsd at master · Panopto/universal-content-library-specification · GitHub you could use these elements:

But when I add a TableOfContents->Entry element to the uploaded ucs-xml file the chapters do not appear in the session. Adding the TableOfContents elements does not create an error when uploading. I tried the same for Tags, this works fine. Is there a discrepancy to the usc standard and the Panopto implementation?



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    Skyler MurraySkyler Murray Panopto Employee


    Thanks for posting about this. I think the best route to get some help on this would be to have your POC open a support ticket on support.panopto.com. We would need a little more information about what the whole payload looks like and how your account is set up to get to the bottom of this. Please ask your POC to start up a ticket with us so we can figure this out.



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