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Capture other windows

Is it possible to capture selected windows not powerpoint or entire screen?

It seems Panopto is not able to capture selected windows, such as specific software, tabs in a browser etc.

For those of us who teach coding (in some form), it would be useful to be able to capture just the relevant window frame rather than the entire screen. Also: using other presentation tools than powerpoint does not work well. When writing presentations in Latex or Markdown/Quarto, the output files for presentation is pdf or html. These are hard to use in Panopto. It seems the only option is to capture via a virtual camera.

Such a functionality would also be extremely useful when teaching coding, so showing only the relevant part of the screen.


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    Thank you! It does not work in the desktop application, but I found it when recording in browser. Seems there are quite some differences in functionality. (My university recommend to use desktop application for all recordings, but not sure why).

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