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Remote Recorder Administrator - automatically give this role access to all RRs on the site

We have technicians that go in the field and install and swap remote recorders. They are all in a user group and I assign that user group to every RR on our site so they can see them in the console and troubleshoot as needed. Whenever a new RR is added to the site I have to add this group as admin for that new machine.

I assumed that the new Remote Recorder Administrator (RRA) role would allow me to stop assigning the group to each RR, but it hasn't so I'm not sure what the point is.

Ideally, someone with the site-wide RRA role should be able to see every RR in the console and see new machines as they join the system, in the same way I can see them as a full site admin.

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    I would have made the same assumption.

    Perhaps the solution is for Panopto to create a new role called Sitewide RR Administrator which would give them RR admin rights for all machines?

    I can see people wanting to give someone RR admin access to only certain machines.

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    Without this role I can give an individual (or group) access to individual RR machines, this new role, even when applied "site-wide" simply gives me a slightly different way to assign an individual admin access to a RR, and really what's the point of that?

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    I have been pulling my hair out with this one, too. I cannot assign that Remote Recorder Admin role to a User or a User Group. Instead, we have to make a User Group and manually add ALL RRs to its access list.

    Please could someone let me know if/how it is possible to assign this RR Admin role? It exists but impossible to see what it is for?!


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