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Can remote recorder be run on Virtual Windows hosts? Say like Dell VMware ESX?

Asking for a friend. We're facing a huge capital outlay to retire our fleet of remote recorders (estimate $30k for total of 53 PCs). Reasons for this are multiple but mostly, aging hardware and NEED for Windows 11 compatibility. We want to stay out ahead of end-of-life for Win10. Our techs want to try and migrate to a virutalized hosting environment to possibly gain 1.)Less wear and tear on unused/unscheduled recorders, vm could be shutdown, saving money 2.)Ease of emergency swaps between recorders if a software issues comes up, and Recorder fails to start (hot spares are good!) 3.)Cost savings on hardware, possibly, but more likely it will be less effort to support virtualized hosts than physical PCs (we had a heat issue in our little data closet in Fall2022 and the PCs had to shed load). If anyone has experimented, tried out running Remote Recorder 12.x on virtual Win10 or Win11 hit me up! I'd be all ears an find out what (if anything) people are experimenting with.


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    Elaine M MelloElaine M Mello Whiz Kid
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    Our IT department is running a bunch of systems through VMWare on AWS. They're pushing signals from Axis security cameras via NDI to the virtual machines. I think the only real issue has been the number of streams they can push vs the machines they set up, as well as clearing off the drives. One solution they've done is to spin up multiple machines for larger classrooms and do simultaneous recordings with different camera angles. I think there were some issues on the NDI software interfacing with the remote recorder, but wasn't directly involved, so can't speak to it too much. But it does work on some level, if that helps. ;)


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    Eric LiknessEric Likness Crackerjack
    edited February 2023


    That is fantastic news. We too are on Axis brand IP-cams across all room installs. I haven't bumped into anyone who has tried to do this. And was being urged on by a Director or I.T. and an Lead classroom computer tech. This may be something you don't want to share widely. But I would love to get contact info from you or anyone who has more details on the VMware setup, what succeeded, what failed, etc.

    If you'd like to share with me direct I am at: [email protected]

    Any info will get pushed up to the 2 individuals I mentioned who are clamoring for the virtualized Remote Recorders.

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    Hi Eric,

    Just copied you on an email to my contact in IT who has been running the systems on campus. Our classes start Monday, so he might be a bit under water, but I'm hoping he has something written down he can send.


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    No problem, this is a marathon for us here where I work. We can take notes when time allows. Very much appreciate this, and very helpful to learn more.

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